OneVoice “Find Yourself” CD


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Through the Eyes of a Child
Sarah Mikkola, Soloist
Written by Aurora Aksnes, Alf Lund Godbolt, Michelle Leonard

Growing Pains
Lexy Branch, Soloist
Written by Alessia Caracciolo Andrew Wansel, and Warren Felder

Avery Veteto, Soloist
Written by Mitchell Collins, Samantha Derosa, and Christian Medice

Mady Thornburg, Soloist
Written by Prisca Strother

High Horse
Kallen Miller, Soloist
Written by Kacey Lee Musgraves, Tommy English, Trent Dabbs

High Hopes
Avery Veteto, Soloist
Written by Brendon UrieJake SinclairJenny Owen YoungsLauren PritchardSam HollandeWilliam Lobban-BeanJonas JebergTaylor Parks, Ilsey Juber

Find Yourself
Sophie Bassett and Emma Grace Kelly, Soloist
Written by Connor Mcdonough, Jonathan Max Sandler, Luke A Moellman, Riley Mcdonough, Toby James Mcdonough

Benjamin Cheng, Soloist
Written by Cody Fry

Tracks 1-7 Arranged by Robert Dietz

Track 8 Arranged by Matt Goldstein

All Transitions Composed by J.D. Frizzell

J.D. Frizzell, Artistic Director and Executive Producer

Dave Sperandio and Robert Dietz, Producers

Tracked, Mixed, and Mastered by Dave Sperandio of diovoce and Vocal Mastering
Edited by Alex Green and Alex Koutzoukis of Plaid Productions

Vocal Percussion Editing by Ed Boyer