The OneVoice A Cappella Invitational is a high-end, professionally-produced event providing an incredible, immersive experience for every group that attends!

January 21-22

Join groups from around the country for our 8th Annual OneVoice A Cappella Invitational on Friday and Saturday January 19-20, 2024. Located on our sprawling, collegiate style campus outside of Memphis, TN, this transformative event will provide your a cappella group with a one-of-a-kind learning experience.  Every group performs.  Every group gets a masterclass.  Every group gets photos.  Every group gets a video of their set.  You get the idea– all you have to do is prepare your music and show up and we will do the rest, creating the perfect opportunity for your group to grow and shine!

OneVoice Modern A Capella USA

The OneVoice A Cappella Invitational Includes


Every group will receive an hour long masterclass from one of the top clinicians in the country. A second hour-long masterclass is available for an additional fee. Past clinicians have included: Robert Dietz, Christopher Diaz, Hannah Juliano, Angela Ugolini, Mel Denake, Alfredo Austin, and Dave Sperandio.

solo performance

ALL groups that register will get to perform a solo set (8 minutes long) on our million-dollar, state-of-the-art sound system in Sparks Chapel and Performing Arts Center, home of The National A Cappella Convention.


We will offer specialty classes in various a cappella subjects.

professional photos

We will take professional photos of your group on stage. Each group will get these photos to use for social media and personal use.

professional video

All groups will get a video of their stage performance filmed by our 4K professional film crew. You will get to choose one song to be fully produced into a live music video (edited/mixed/mastered).

1-on-1 exchanges

Groups will participate in unique 1-on-1 exchanges with other groups from different parts of the country to share, learn, listen, and grow.

friendly environment

The environment is collaborative, friendly, non-competitive, and fun! It is open to groups of all ages.

Memphis BBQ

Explore world famous Memphis BBQ or other local food options.

Cost of

Invitational cost is $1,100 per group.

Chaperones and teachers are included in that cost, too.