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Under the direction of Dr. J.D. Frizzell, OneVoice has become a leader in the contemporary a cappella movement. Performing popular music of many styles, OneVoice has collaborated with multiple GRAMMY winners, including The Swingles, New York Voices and Ben Bram. They have performed at the Emmys 70th Annual Governors Ball, The Sing-Off Live! Tour, Two Divisional ACDA Conventions, and the National A Cappella Convention. In 2014, OneVoice became SONY Recording Artists with “Elvis A Cappella” alongside two groups from The Sing-Off: The AcoUstiKats from Season 4 and The Melodores, Season 5 champions. They won the Macy’s All-School A Cappella Challenge judged by #1 Billboard artists Pentatonix. In 2016, they were seen by over 20 million people on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent”.

OneVoice had the honor of performing at The London A Cappella Festival alongside The Swingles, Home Free, Accent, and VOCES8. In 2018, the were featured performers on the red carpet at the 70th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

OneVoice Singing
OneVoice Concert

Their albums, produced by Dave Sperandio of diovoce studios and Robert Dietz of Human-Feedback, have won accolades and entertained fans worldwide. They can be found on iTunes, Loudr, Spotify, and Pandora. OneVoice’s recordings have been selected for SING 11:One Louder, SING 12:This Big, SING 13:Superstition, Voices Only, Come Together, WACA, and Best of High School A Cappella compilations. Additionally, their albums “Drive All Night and”, “Starry Eyed”, and “Higher Love” were chosen as Recorded A Cappella Review Board “Picks of the Year”. “All three albums also received Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) for Best High School Solo and Best High School Album. Since 2013, OneVoice is second only to Pentatonix in CARA nominations and wins.


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I’ve heard a lot of a cappella in my day. A LOT. As in any genre (or any art form, for that matter), about 85% of it is “fine”, about 10% is really awesome, and about 5% is absolutely incredible. I recently had the chance to work with “One Voice” in a workshopping capacity, and after they sang for me, I (embarrassingly) racked my brain and found I had no constructive criticism to offer. I had a thought I’ve only had a handful of times in my music listening life, “there is actually absolutely nothing about what i just heard that i would change or that i wish had been any different.” That 5% is “One Voice’s hometown.
Christopher Given Harrison, Producer: Sonos/ARORA; Verve Recording Artist
OneVoice is without a doubt among the top three high school groups that I’ve worked with. The kids consistently show a musical maturity beyond their years, and under J.D.’s direction, they are able to reach their incredible potential as young singers.
Ben Bram, Arranger: The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect
One Voice belongs in the pantheon of greatest high school a cappella groups of all time!
Deke Sharon, Music Producer of The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect; Godfather of Contemporary A Cappella
Briarcrest OneVoice continues to be the gold standard in high school a cappella, and arguably, the a cappella community at large.
Kyle Yampiro, Recorded A Cappella Review Board
I could say that OneVoice is one of the best high school a cappella groups in the country, but the truth is they’re probably one of the best groups, period. Few groups I’ve heard bring this much emotional nuance and creative investment to their music. OneVoice is an absolute pleasure to work with.
Robert Dietz, Arranger: The Sing-Off
OneVoice is one of the most talented ensembles I have ever worked with – on any level. That the group is made up of high school students is nothing short of remarkable, and a true testament to the leadership and vision of J.D. Frizzell and the administration at Briarcrest.
Dave Sperandio, Producer, diovoce and Vocal Mastering
Over the last few years, BCS OneVoice has performed some of the most consistently mature and cohesive music out there – and I don’t just mean from high school groups. They’re a force to be reckoned with.
Alex Green, Producer, Plaid Productions
I first heard OneVoice on CD and I thought, “wow… here’s a high school group who really ‘gets it.’” Later I had the privilege of hearing them perform live, and I was stunned. OneVoice is in the diamond elite of high school a cappella. I would sooner buy a ticket to see OneVoice than some professional acts I have seen. The hype is real, folks.
Brody McDonald, Director, Eleventh Hour (Season 2 of “The Sing-Off on NBC)
I Love You Guys! I Love OneVoice!
Simon Cowell, America’s Got Talent
The most talented high school group we’ve ever seen!
The Swingles, GRAMMY Winning Vocal Group

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