Starry Eyed Gets 5/5 Rating on RARB

OneVoice’s 2015 Album, Starry Eyed, was recently reviewed by the Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB), a professional organization that gives constructive criticism of a cappella albums around the world.  They rate albums on a 5 point system without any regard to the level of the ensemble (a high school album is judged on the same scale as a professional album).  

“Starry Eyed” received a 5.0/5.0 rating from RARB.  Some comments from the reviewers included:

“OneVoice continues its dominating run through the national high school a cappella scene with

Starry Eyed, another compelling, almost unbelievably good release from the students at Briarcrest Christian School.”

“The musicality —  the turning, blending, phrasing, dynamics, build, diction, emotions, good breathing, good ears — it’s just everything, all here for us to enjoy. There is not one weak voice in OneVoice; this is a superb ensemble indeed.”

“OneVoice is the group to follow.”

“With Starry Eyed, Briarcrest High School’s OneVoice proves why it has earned its acclaim as one of the top high school a cappella groups in the country. I’m tempted to move one step further and say that this is not a high school a cappella group; rather, it is a group of young local professionals in the Memphis area that all happen to attend Briarcrest High School. With its carefully constructed continuity, excellent execution, and slick innovation, Starry Eyed is not only raising the bar for high school a cappella, but for the community at large.”

“Starry Eyed should serve as an example of how successful an album can be with careful construction from conceptualization and arranging through preparation and recording, regardless of age and experience level. You could not pick up a copy soon enough.”

You can read the full review here:

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